Zebra Rock :

When you first see Zebra rock you do not have to guess where this very unique gemstone gets its name. The zebra rock is a gemstone that sports black and white stripes, much like its animal namesake. Zebra rock is commonly referred to as Zebra stone and you will find listed as that on our website. This is a gemstone that is said to be able to assist in hooking a person up with nature as well as all of the love and power that the world has to offer the individual. Through these connections, it can allow a person to perceive one’s own nature and allows one to see any false impressions. This is a gemstone that is able to shield your own individual aura. The zebra rock is a stone that is all about having a sense of balance.

By looking at this gemstone, you can quickly make the connection to the Chinese beliefs of the yin/yang. With the black and the white stripes, which symbolizes the balance between these two opposing yet flattering forces. This is a stone that does go by a few other names, including the zebra jasper, zebra agate, and the zebra marble. There are other colors of this gemstone, such as white and reddish-brown, grey and yellow.  

Zebra Rock Sources

 The zebra rock was originally discovered in Kunnanurra, East Kimberley, a place located in the western part of Australia.

Zebra Holistic Aspects

There are many different physical and emotional healing properties that this gemstone offers users. The zebra rock is believed to be able to motivate a person’s physical force. It offers an individual staying power and determination that is essential in overcoming obstacles in your life. It can also encourage the wearer to convey sympathy and have a better perception of others while also reminding a person to not give all of their love or force away. This stone is one of the best stones for contemplation as well as whenever a person is doing any sort of religious work that requires them to go to a much higher level. Zebra rock also has properties that creates stabilities within your life. It is believed that these stones have the power to allow its wearer to change between the material and astral surfaces especially when it comes to one’s soul. You can more clearly see the external attributes of anyone, helping you to see the good in everyone. It can also offer you energy and helps to lift spirits. As far as your physical being, this stone can be helpful in treating issues like bone issues, heart trembles, muscle tremors, osteoporosis, gums and your teeth.

The zebra rocks are unique stones that are often used for a variety of purposes, including creating vases, statues, small sculptures, paperweights and costume ornaments. You can also just hold onto this stone as a healing crystal or you may consider creating a very unique piece of jewelry from this stone. This is a stone that has a lot of benefits to offer the owner, so you should really take some time to consider this versatile stone. It has a very sleek and unique look to it that you are just going to love.

Zircon is known for being one of the oldest of the gemstones in the entire world. This is actually how this gemstone got its name. It is one of the earliest words in the Persian language and would later become a significant part of the Germanic languages before becoming an English term. It is believed that this gemstone is the embodiment of a strong healing energy and can be helpful in grounding one’s spirituality. Zircon is known for being a “mineral of virtue” because of the fact that it can equalize all that is righteous within you.

This gem is considered both rare and common at the same time. Zircon is actually a very common stone and not every precious stone store will stock them. These are very stunning gemstones which comes in different varieties though they are not always as appreciated for their appearance. No matter which type of Zircon you get, you are sure to get a stunning gem with lots of spiritual benefits. 

Zircon Colors

The colors of these stones can be quite varied, from green to orange and several other colors in between, though a lot of these stones are treated to get these colors. Primarily you will end up with colors between a brownish-yellow and brownish-red when these stones are left untreated. Heat treated gems are generally the most valuable and gorgeous varieties. These are treated in order to create gemstones that are sparkly and exudes a fiery intensity with amazing colors. When heat treated, you are going to end up with clear, blue, yellow or green stones. 

Zircon Sources

The best varieties of this gemstone come from Madagascar and Canada but you can also find them in the USA, Sri Lanka, Australia and Ukraine.

Zircon Holistic Aspect

There are quite a few emotional and physical benefits to this gem. This gem is believed to be able to increase your intellectual capacity as well as improving your psychological faculties. It can allow the user to find the strength to be self-reliant and to help reveal dishonesty. They are also believed to block negative energies from getting into the body. You can use Zircon as a way to create stronger vibrations in other gems that are used along with this stone. As far as your physical being is, you can help treat muscle issues and faintness that can negatively impact your life. The Zircon can be used to help a pregnant woman give birth much more easily and it can strengthen your heart. Other health issues that the Zircon can be helpful with is by helping with any loss of appetite as well as lung and liver diseases. Zircon is a gem that is aesthetically pleasing and can offer a variety of benefits to the wearer. These are just some of the reasons why you should consider Zircon for jewelry when buying pieces for your loved ones. There are quite a few options that you can choose from here so you are sure to find exactly you are looking for.