Step 1. This is NOT your BRA size !
Step 2. Please wear a BRA
Step 3. Relax arms at sides
Step 4. Pull tape across the FULLEST part of the bust


Step 1. Find the natural waist
Step 2. This is the SMALLEST part of the waist
Step 3. Usually about 1 inch (cf. 2.54 cm) above belly button
Step 4. Keep tape slightly loose to allow for breathing room

Step 1. Find the WIDEST part of your hips
Step 2. Usually about 7 inches(17.78cm) below nature waist
Step 3. Tape should brush across both hipbones

Step 1. Stand still with your arms at your sides
Step 2. Measure from your shoulder point to the sleeve opening

Step 1. From the edge of the shoulder socket, measure up over the curve of the shoulders passing across the center base of the neck to the other shoulder edge

Step 1. Stand straight with feet together
Step 2. Measure in BARE feet
Step 3. Measure from the HIGHEST point of the shoulder to the hem fo the dress

CAD $ 8.99
CAD $ 8.99
CAD $ 8.99
CAD $ 8.99